8 Key Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agency

As a commercial real estate agent you really do need a marketing plan for your properties as listed, but you also need a marketing plan for yourself. That is how you grow your market share.

Top agents have a process of personal promotion that is usually of high quality and ongoing. They know what works for them and they keep repeating it.

Here are some facts for you to help you with this strategy as an agent. Some of them you may be doing now, but all of them form a very powerful package.


    1. As a general rule, exclusive listings are essential to help you with market share growth. You can control the client and the property promotion. Open listings will do nothing to help you there. Prepare to pitch all your listing services on an exclusive basis. As you progress in your business, be prepared to walk away from ‘open listings’. Take the listings on your terms; be the agent that people need, and dictate your terms of engagement with confidence.


    1. Every marketing campaign for a listed property Blossoms By The Park Showflat should be vendor funded. That is why you also need exclusive listings. Structure the campaign to the required target audience.


    1. Your promotional materials should be of the highest quality. In this way you can send the message to the market that you are a top agent to be watched.


    1. Use the internet productively. Get your listings onto the industry portal with a priority placement (vendor funding), and also use your office website. All advertising material on the internet should feature the ‘keywords’ that the search engines tell you are ‘high ranking’. You can get that information by doing a ‘keyword search’ in the larger search engines.


    1. The marketing process for commercial real estate is quite visual in the first instance. Get high quality professional photographs taken of the property and use them on the internet and in all your marketing material to attract the targeted audience. This process is again vendor funded.


    1. Put signboards into your area with all quality properties. It is questionable what value you will get from a signboard on an ‘open’ listing, but you certainly will get value personally from a sign on a quality property that has been exclusively listed.


    1. When you have had a success of any type, create ‘success letters’ and get them into the area. Tell others of your success as a top agent. Use these letters for new listings, and deals done on sales and leasing.


  1. Get comfortable with daily prospecting. It has to happen and will bring you leads. It takes about 3 weeks of effort to build the habit and to see results. This is perhaps the most important skill that you develop.


Remember to market yourself and your properties. The process produces results. It helps you rise to the top of your market.


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