Best Deals in Eastern Europe

Posted on November 6, 2022 by admin

The region has a lot to offer but probably the most tricky thing you need to do is to select the hot spots, the best deals in Eastern Europe that you would feel guilty if not visiting. Let’s take a look at which places you should visit depending on the length of your trip to the region.

1 Week Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

In this case, the process to select the hot spots is gonna be the most difficult one, and even if I am going to provide you with some guidance I would not take it as a general truth but more as a personal opinion. In one week I understand you will have the option to visit 3 main cities and there is only one thing for sure. I would never miss Prague. Providing that you set Prague as the start of your itinerary, the 2 other cities that I would use as the best deals in Eastern Europe are Budapest in Hungary and Krakow in Poland. This 3 cities, even if they don’t make the perfect combination to discover all the region, let you leave at least with a good architectural background from your stay.

2 Weeks Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

If you have some extra time you can use it to make the trip longer. I would surely do not abandon the options mentioned above, but I would include some other very important country capitals with historic background and nice architectural spots. Providing you depart again from Prague in the Czech Republic, the best travel deals you should include are Bratislava in Slovakia and Zagreb in Croatia. Slovakia separated from the Czech Republic in the recent times and the and the Gulf War is still in the heart of Zagreb. Even if the most punished city in the war was Sarajevo in Bosnia, Zagreb has still an enchanted post-war atmosphere. At same time, Croatia is famous for its landscapes, so I would strongly recommend to use a couple of days for a trip to the coastal highlights.

The most economic route generally will be to depart from Prague, go to Krakow, down to Budapest, left to Zagreb, up to Bratislava and ending up in the Czech Republic again to take your flight back home. In any case, Ryanair offers recently many flight possibilities to Poland, so your trip could also start and end in this romantic Polish city.

3 Weeks Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

For the ones looking to gain strong insight in the region and with a nice boss that allows them to take 3 weeks out of home, I have some cities to add to the ones already mentioned. In the case of a 3 weeks trip, a good idea would be to spend some time at Bucharest in Romania, Belgrade in Serbia and Sofia in Bulgaria. The most economic route, which I highly encourage to follow traveling by train would be departing from Prague in the Czech Republic, visiting Krakow in Poland, going south to Budapest in Hungary and further south to Bucharest, turning to Sofia and then up Belgrade, Zagreb, Bratislava and ending up in Prague again.

In the same way as with the other trips, arriving to Poland could be a good option since Ryanair has flights for less than $25 from nearly any point in Europe if you book ahead or you take advantage of special offers.

4 Weeks Trip Best Deals in Eastern Europe

That’s the kind of holidays I like to have and I can nearly never have. But hey, sometimes you are the boss of your time and you can allow yourself a visit like this one to see the mysterious region of Eastern Europe. In this case, I suggest to follow the same route as in the 3 weeks trip but adding some interesting hot spots in your route in the following way:




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