Bollywood is Weeping Crocodile Tears

Bollywood has done excellence during the measurable phase of economy of the world. It is seen that when one part improves the other part falls down. It happens in every field. We have a lot of experience even in the life of human being. God has not given everything to us Bigg Boss 16 Watch Online. If we have riches then we have diseases. If we have reputation we have family disputes. Similarly, when the business of the world crashed the Bollywood was smiling. The lady luck did smile upon the fate of Bollywood movies. People enjoyed Bollywood movies in spite of pink letters. Ultimately, people started to be vicarious having experienced the virtual art of entertainment.

The world’s largest entertainment segment Bollywood has faced many ups and downs in the advent of internet. The internet has pros and cons in its efficacy. Internet has given bread and butters to the people aplenty. And, at the same time it has told upon the business of genuine market. Bollywood faced huge piracy during last decades. The piracy market is still prevalent Bigg Boss 16 Watch Online. It is also very difficult to know whether the piracy has brought loss to the field of entertainment. In these days the people are adopting the advanced form of marketing. The viral marketing has been proved to be very successful in the field of all sorts of business.

The viral marketing was started by the hotmail. The hotmail gave the free email services to the people. The people started informing their friends worldwide. In this way the hotmail got huge popularity in the world. Soon after, the internet marketing started using the formula of viral marketing. So piracy is a form of viral marketing. Some are of opinion that the piracy is made on purpose for popularizing the movies. The negative point of piracy market is not having quality DVD, whereas, the people in USA and UK prefer genuine Bollywood DVD for having both quality and clarity in picture.

Bollywood has shown excellence during last year in 2009 in its business. Many movies have earned astronomical amount which is the basic sign of success in Bollywood market. The Bollywood movies kambakkht Ishq and Love Aaj Kal became highly successful at its box office. The Bollywood movies like Slumdog Millionaire, Ghajini and 3idiots have brought cheers not only the producers wallet but for the people also due to its extreme histrionic appeals. Kambakkht Ishq has made 100 crores business in the first week of its release that made history at the box office of Bollywood movies.

My name is Khan had made more than 150 crores in just 10days in spite of a lot of mayhem in Mumbai against the Bollywood movie and Shahrukh Khan. Sometimes the people from Bollywood world are expressing that they are experiencing financial crunch. However, the fans of Bollywood are of opinion that the entertainment sector in India is doing very well. India and the people of India have been growing by leaps and bounds which indicates a big success in every field. Even India has not lagged behind during recession. So, how the Indian Bollywood can get the economical crunch? Bollywood is the popular term used to refer the Indian Film Industry. The name Bollywood originated from the name Hollywood. Bollywood is located in Mumbai (or even referred as Bombay), the capital city of Maharashtra state in India. The Indian film industry or Bollywood has a credit of producing the larger amount of film in the world.

The USB of the Bollywood Films are the songs and the dance that are incorporated in the scripts of the films. It is considered in the Bollywood that the success of the music of the film will guaranty the success of the film at Box-Office.

The music of Bollywood is very catchy, and has a unique choreography which is mixed up with all the dance Indian forms, depending upon the music. In the recent times the choreography of the Bollywood songs include some of the International Dance forms like Salsa, Jazz, Rumba and many more.

The dialogues of most of the Bollywood movies are written fairly in Hindi, but there are some films that pick up the dialect of the various regions in India to suit the character of the films. In the recent times, most of the Bollywood has lot of English words introduced into their dialogues. Sometimes even a complete statement is stated in English. The mixture of the languages of Hindi and English has taken the Bollywood to the International level. The Bollywood Movies are appreciated and watched in all the English speaking countries. Bollywood movies are also famous in the Arab countries.

The films made in Bollywood contain comedy, love triangles, drama, action and lot of music to give complete entertainment to the audience. There are many other subjects like the social issues, cast system in India, politics of India, regionalism in India, education system of India, medical problems related to adults and kids, psychological problems, horror and so on are picked for the Bollywood Movies. Any type of subject chosen will have will have a commercial touch for the cinema.

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