Can I Use Diet Pills After Pregnancy? – WARNING!

Posted on March 16, 2023 by admin

Diet pills have great potential in their ability to help a person lose a lot of weight. But what some people don’t realize, is how the pills go about doing this. The vast majority manipulate your hunger sensing system. They work to suppress the feeling that you are hungry resulting in you eating less than usual. There are two main reasons taking diet pills after pregnancy can be harmful:

1) Breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your child which provides them with the best source of nourishment and also allows you to lose weight, you MUST NOT take diet pills. Everything that you eat enters your bloodstream which in turn enters your breast milk. If you take diet pills after pregnancy while you are breastfeeding your baby could lose his or her hunger urges misoprostol bolivia resulting in mal-nourishment.

2) Harmful enhanced side effects

After giving birth your body is still in a volatile hormonal state. Using diet pills after pregnancy can further confuse these hormones causing an imbalance within your body. The side effects can vary from pill to pill but the general side effects are potential for dependence and metabolism disruption.

When taking diet pills after pregnancy it is possible for your body to become dependent on the chemical induced by the drugs. Check with your doctor before taking an diet pills after pregnancy. The problem with diet pills after pregnancy is even though they slow down your desire to eat, they also slow down your metabolism. This is why many people find that they only lose a certain amount of weight while using diet pills. Their body goes into survival mode when the metabolism slows down like this. It is an instinctual mode since the body believes that it needs to slow down the processing of the food in case there isn’t more food to come. For this reason alone, taking diet pills after pregnancy is not a very efficient or safe way to lose weight.

The best way to get your old body back is to focus on your diet. There is a simple equation you need to memorize…

Lose weight = Burn more calories than you consume per day

You can forget about putting yourself in danger with diet pills after pregnancy, the most effective way is to do it naturally. Eat 5 smaller meals a day, take note at how many calories you eat per day. Keep a journal and calculate exactly how many calories you are eating and from what foods. This can be difficult for a lot of people since we are not all dietitians. You can find diet generator software programs that will calculate everything for you and customize your optimal diet with your own foods. If you don’t have a professional nutritionist at your disposal these programs are very beneficial. Do your research and find the best program for you.



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