Clothes Moths in the Olympics: Moth Infestations and Pest Control

London 2012 preparations have been fraught with, let’s just say, occasional hiccups. There was controversy over the use of ground-to-air missiles from the rooftops. Traffic was stopped by Olympic lanes. Mitt Romney said that he isn’t sure how it will turn out. Now, there are moths.

Tineola bisselliella or the common clothes moth are the pests at issue. Although the moths aren’t an actual problem, their larvae chew through carpets and clothes with ease and eat natural fibres such as wool and cotton.

It’s not only the Olympic village that is affected. The problem affects a large portion of London, including Stratford. Clothes moth infestations are most common in spring, although it is possible that they may have delayed appearing due to the colder weather between April and June. They also love moisture so they are attracted to athletes’ sweaty clothes.

People have also had their windows shut and central heating turned on more than usual this year. Clothes moths love dark, warm places, so heated houses are a great place to keep them company all year. The moths also prefer to live in unoccupied areas, such as under furniture or at the back of cabinets. This means that they may not be easily found. They also prefer natural fibres, so they will wear more expensive clothes made of cashmere or silk.

The number of moths living in the Stratford region is alarming at best. Clothes moths in Stratford are 40% more common than in Newcastle upon Tyne and almost 400% more than in Belfast. It is being called an epidemic.

Moth control can be difficult. It is best to call a pest control company right away. The company’s pest controllers will assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. While some fabrics and clothes can be cleaned, moths must be treated with insecticides. Although it may take several carpet moths treatment to eradicate them, the cost of their damage can be significant. The pheromone traps are also used by pest controllers to keep an eye on how many moths are present.

It is difficult to get rid of moths, so it is best to stop an infestation from starting. You may want to take clothes from London, Herts, or the South East and bag them up. Make sure you keep your other clothes clean and refolded frequently. Cedar mothballs can be used to deter them from getting eggs. Even this might not be enough.

The London and Herts areas have some of the most reputable pest control companies in the nation. Many have their own pest specialists to handle problems like these. Contact the pest control immediately if you find moths on your clothing. The problem can get worse if you wait.

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