Fool Proof Ways to Start Monetizing Your new Podcast Business

As a Podcast Host, you will gain credibility as well as popularity and your listeners will get to know you and trust you, after all, they spend time to listen to your Podcasts whilst you speak with great authority as a host, and that perception of yourself is going to turn into reality every single day, whilst you are growing, and your listeners will want somebody they can trust to mentor them.

This is the best group of your members  Best podcast hosting sites  who commit themselves in succeeding in Podcasting, the special members who are part of a super group of people, who have outgrown the rest of the members in your community group. They are on a higher level and expect only the best from you. This is a top-notch group of people who communicate with each other and exchange ideas, methods, information and much more. They are not interested in mixing with the normal members, but they want to associate themselves with these special community members. It will be wise of you to open the doors every three months before you accept any new members, to have a live chat with them to verify whether they will fit in with the existing choice community.

In your shows you are talking about products and services that you are using, and so, you can refer your listeners to your resources page and tell them that you are the affiliate of these products and services and that it will not cost your listeners a penny to join, but you as the Podcast Host, will get paid and that it will be really powerful for your business and that your listeners can give you a huge thank you that way. The listeners really want to join the affiliates because you will have provided them with tons of value.

The sponsors love to sponsor Podcasts because it is a huge return on their investment for themselves, they will know, that the listeners of your community will trust you as the Podcast Host. It is a winning situation, whilst the sponsors know that you as the Podcast Host are going to recommend these products and services to your listeners, the listeners know that you as the Host will trust the sponsors. You can offer a tutorial and benefit for your listeners. Your sponsor needs to win, you need to win, but most of all, your listeners need to win.

You might ask how to reach this stage? The answer is when you are a Podcast Host, you will be going to grow an audience and that this audience is going to reach out to you by sending you an email stating how much they enjoyed the Podcast and thanking you for a magnificent show which meant a lot to them.

This is your chance to take advantage of those emails, which are gold, because people are going out of their way to reach out to you, and that you can respond to by thanking them and asking them what they are struggling with? Your audience will respond by telling you about their pain points, obstacles and challenges. The perfect opportunity arises where you, the Podcast Host can create a solution and then offer the solution to your audience who have problems with the pain points, obstacles and challenges. In short, this is the method in which you can monetize in a massive way.

In conclusion, the number one way to monetize your Podcast Business is to know your listeners’ pain points, obstacles and challenges, then to create a solution for those and then for you to offer the solution to your audience. The other points to consider are: to rent time and space to sponsors, become an affiliate to all the resources you are using, create a mastermind membership opportunity for your choice members, the coaching and mentoring of your listeners. You will reach great results by following these points.

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