Honest Ways to Use Twitter to Increase Follower Count

There are a bunch of different sly ways to get more followers in twitter. But with twitter it is not about how many people are following you it is about the quality of those people that are following you. There are all types of bots out there that will autofollow anybody that has spoken about a certain topic. But the problem with this is that these autobots don’t take into account that some of these “people” that it may be autofollowing are not people at all. They themselves are autobots and basically there is no human interaction and the time you spent setting up everything was a waste and all you have in your following is a big mess. Best thing to do then is just get a new account. Before twitter catches on and kicks you out anyhow.

The  honest way to get quality followers in twitter is زيادة متابعين تيك توك actually going to take a little bit longer and is not automatic, but the people that will follow you are usually actually humans that care about what you are talking about.

Some ways to do this are the following.

1.Make sure that you include a good bio. Don’t just say something generic, take some thought into and actually write something that displays your personality and reasons that would make people want to follow you.

2.Become active. Tweet everything that you find interesting on the web. You can do this with some easy add-ons from firefox. The more you are active the more there will be a chance that people will retweet your information and spread your reach. In turn getting you more followers.

3.Include a real picture of yourself. If you have a nice smiling pic of you put it up there. People follow people not art, not avatars, people. So make sure you do that.

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