Internet Business Strategies That Work

Posted on April 24, 2022 by admin

As with any business, if there is any hope for success, one must have a plan. Business plans, a mission statement, projected profit and loss, are all necessary for a brick and mortar business. With an internet business, these are not as critical, but only because there is no banker or loan officer demanding this information.

Often an online or internet business is started sitting in front of a computer, not at the kitchen table or in an office at the bank. There is no demand for a six or seven figure loan. Instead we take less than $100 out of our budget and start our online business. A few months later we discover we are now spending $300 each month and decide that we are never going to make money on the internet. Most quit within two years. In short, we had no plan.

The one plan or strategy that must be included in an internet business is education! Not that you must start with a degree, or a great deal of formal education, but you must plan on getting educated as you work on the internet. The internet is constantly changing; things change so fast that running to catch up is not an option. If you know it all when you start, you must run to keep up. To do this alone is almost impossible.

SEO, article writing, video broadcasting, keyword research, banner marketing, PPC, each are subjects that are worthy of a 3 or 4 unit course in college. To absorb all of this information while working a 40-60 hour a week job becomes a real challenge. Without some type of help from others to answer questions, encouraging us to go on, many chose to drop out. We go back to college part time, while working our 40-60 hours a week at our day job, put in an additional 30 hours in class and home work for the next seven years. When we finish we have that piece of paper called a diploma, which if we are lucky, will give us a high five or low six figure salary. Many never realize that putting in the extra 30 hours a week into our internet marketing education for the same seven years, if we are working with the right people, would make that five to low six figure salary the low end of our salary range.

Additional, there may be as many internet and education ways to make money on the internet as there are in the brick and mortar business. We try one for a few months, see another that is interesting, quit the first to try the second. What would be our success rate if we started our career as a cook, in three months we decided to be a doctor, in another three months we decided to become a brick layer? I will wager that when we applied for the fourth position, no one would hire us.

So to have a successful internet business strategy, include getting an education. You are going to get an education even if you do not plan on it, so make it part of your plan. Pick the tool that interests you; learn it and how to use it, and then move on to the next tool. Do not forget how to use the first tool! You do not forget how to use a screw driver when you pick up a hammer!

Find the correct team to work with. This is not as difficult as one may think. All successful internet/MLM people realize the key to success is to help others. Help them at every level at all times. If you are not willing to help others, I suggest you learn to help or plan on another career.

Do not quit! Assume the position that you have just graduated from high school and you are now starting college with the intent of getting your PHD.



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