Is Kissing Really That Important to Women?

What could be so complicated about kissing that someone could possibly do it wrong, you might be asking. You press your lips together, there may be some head tilting and movement…sometimes with open mouths sometimes not. What’s the big deal, right? You might think that the emotions that you and your partner feel for each other are what is important, right? Wrong!

Even if your partner is crazy in love with you that doesn’t make you skilled at kissing. Even if they absolutely love everything about you and never wish to be apart from you for even a moment out of the day that doesn’t mean that they enjoy kissing you. As a matter of fact, if you kissing skills are subpar or even poor it could ruin what might be an otherwise wonderful relationship. After all, without intimacy all you have is a deep fondness and possibly a person who never wishes to be stuck with a partner that doesn’t know how to kiss.

This may sound far fetched but the fact is that women judge you on your kissing ability. If you are a good kisser she will tell all of her friends, and this is one of the little secrets that they share after the first date. That’s right…after your first kiss there will be conversations that begin with whether you are a good kisser or not.

One of the Top Complaints Heard Amongst Women – Some women will try to overlook your inability to kiss well but in my research I have found that even those that stick with a man who lacks kissing skills, once the relationship ends that is one of the first things that they mention… that he didn’t even know how to kiss.

Complaints that I have heard about men who lack kissing skills include:

– All he did was open his mouth and stick his tongue out!
– He acted like he was kissing his grandmother
– He was always like he was trying to hit my tonsils!
– There was no tenderness; it was always like he was trying to swallow me whole!
– And the list goes on….

A Skill That She Will Never Forget – But for those men with kissing skills, you can guarantee that those women will never forget you. They will remember where you were, what was said, the music that was playing in the background and exactly what you did before, during and after a memorable kiss. For those men, when a relationship goes south her girlfriend will react with, “aww…and he was such a great kisser too!”

What Can You Do? – Chances are if you are wondering if you are a good kisser then you could use some help. Actually, kissing is an area where everyone could learn a thing or two. So what can you do to improve your kissing skills?

Learn To Follow Her Lead – Allow her to tell you how she wants to be kissed. No, don’t ask her! I am saying that you need to let her take the lead a little bit. Get a feel for if she wants to be kissed gently and slowly…feel the pressure and the passion build between you. Listen to her breathing and let that tell you if you’re doing something right or wrong. Her fingers in your hair are always a good sign and are also a good thing for you to do with your hands from time to time.

Vary Your Pressure – Vary the intensity, the time it takes 918kiss as you move closely to one another and the length of your kisses. Make a mental note or simply feel what is working and what isn’t. Yes, sometimes she is going to want to be swept up in a passionate kiss in a moment…and other times she is going to want to be “teased” or seduced into that kiss.

Watch Movies – This may sound corny but watch some chick flicks. Take note of how the hero kisses his girl. Typically, women watch these movies and identify with the female in the movie and this is typically how women want to be kissed. Take notes! Hollywood directors wouldn’t script movies with kissing just the way you will see if for any other reason other than this is how women want to be kissed.

Follow some of these tips and do your homework and you might very well become the type of man that can make a woman melt with but one simple kiss. Just your willingness to improve your kissing technique should be admired and in the long run improving your kissing technique will make for a happier love life for you and yours.


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