Online Casino Bonuses 101

It’s likely that you’ve noticed that casinos online advertisements typically provide some kind of reward or free money to help you play there. Like everything else in this world there is nothing free So, before you get started taking advantage of this money for free and then resenting about being scammed, I recommend that you read on and learn how it is all working.


In the beginning, you might be wondering what is the reason online casinos provide such “free” money?



It’s an element of their strategy of differentiation and marketing. In simple SA Gaming  terms the majority of online casinos are “skins” of a specific software vendor, meaning that behind the various owners and licensing, graphics, etc. beneath the hood, there’s really little difference between, the Playtech powered casinos or any Microgaming powered casinos.



If they’re basically the same under the hood, there has to be some kind of distinction that will make you want to choose “X” online casino and not “Y”. Apart from the graphics, the legitimacy, support, and reputation one way to present to prospective players is to offer them something in this instance it’s an incentive.



Once you’ve got this out of your mind then the next question you could consider is: Ok now that Casino X is offering $5,000 free, perhaps I’ll sign up, collect my cash, try the games and then go into Casino Y.



The solution is simple , too. To be eligible for bonuses from the internet casino you’ll typically have to make a deposit unless the casino specifically states that you aren’t required and we’ll go over the subject later.



Before we get into the depths of various bonuses that are available in online casinos, here are some additional details and terms you need to be aware of so that you can discuss these with a customer service representative prior to claiming a bonus to make sure that you are aware of your position and what you’re getting.


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