Star Trek Online Ship Comparison – Light Cruiser Vs B’Rel

Posted on October 12, 2022 by admin

Most Popular Online Casino Games in 2021 - The European Business ReviewFirst, let’s talk about the Federation ship. Each of the three light cruisers had identical stats. The only difference is in appearance, which can also be customized. Regardless of your choice of class, you can get any ship and customize it visually and functionally however you like 토토사이트. Almost. Light cruisers, as basic ships, have limited upgradeability. For weapons you only have two front slots available, and one rear weapon slot. You’ll start with two phaser arrays (one aft, one aft), but it’s advisable to place turret-type guns into the rear slots as soon as possible as they can fire in any direction. The light cruiser also only has three slots for your Bridge Officer: one for Tactical, one for Engineering and one for Science. That makes this ship very limited and I suggest you try and level up to class 11 as soon as possible because you can choose a new ship.

The Klingons on the other hand only got one ship, the B’Rel. This is the Bird of Prey, the very famous type of ship from the TV series and Star Trek movies. Just like its Federation counterpart, B’Rel is also a ship with limited upgrade options. It did pack more firepower but had a weaker hull. Shield strength is the same between B’Rel and Light Cruiser. The most notable difference is the much improved maneuverability found in the Klingon B’Rel, which allows you to almost always have your rear gun facing your opponent. By continuing to fire at your enemy’s rear shield, you’ll quickly burn them and be able to fire torpedoes at the exposed hulls that can quickly throw out any enemy. Since your rear side will almost never face your opponent, it’s wise to equip a turret in that weapon slot because, as we’ve already determined, it can fire in a 360-degree arc. One other significant difference between the light cruiser and the Klingon B’Rel ship is that the B’Rel has a cloak that allows you to stay out of sight until you start shooting. Using a cloak you can easily sneak up behind your opponent and hit him before he even realizes what’s going on.

It doesn’t matter which side you choose, both have nearly equal power ships each with their own pros and cons. The biggest difference and most important factor in Player vs. The player is the Captain — you. PvP requires not only a different set of ship equipment and Bridge Officers, but also a different set of player skills. Klingon players are usually more inclined towards PvP and their core gameplay even revolves around it which means they have more experience in it than Federation players. Federation players in most cases do not win such battles due to their lack of experience. As you can see, ship stats are almost identical and which one is better comes down to the skill of the player, both in game and real life skills. Many businesses today use Google calendar to keep track of appointments and customer availability. Google Calendar is not only a great tool for businesses to manage appointments, but it can also be used to allow customers to place orders online in person.

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