The Four Types of Solar Electric Panels and the benefits of Using Solar energy

Renobro 裝修兄弟- 幫你搵最合適嘅裝修師傅Because of global warming and other environmental issues, tragedies, natural calamities and terrible events are very rampant and are happening in almost any part of the world. This has resulted into other major concerns like food scarcity and increasing price of goods and services. Every person’s need for practicality has surfaced in the effort to lessen the daily expenses 電制
. For a more practical and environment friendly option, people even opted to use alternative energy resources. To those who are well informed of its benefits still prefer this. Examples of these resources are solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, hydrogen, hydropower energy, and geothermal energy. Solar energy technologies that are used today have begun almost 40 or 50 years ago. The energy emanated from the sun is absorbed by solar electric panels and then converts it into electricity using Photovoltaic cells or PV cells. Solar energy is the most commonly used among the alternative energy resources available because of its practical use and renew ability.

These can be classified into four different types. Polycrystalline SE Panel is the most common type; it is composed of chunks of silicon that has many tiny crystals. Although this is less efficient when compared to single crystal, the watts per square foot power it releases may match the single type if they are assembled closely together in a frame. Amorphous Solar Electric Panel is identified as ‘thin film’, since it uses large plates similar to stainless steels where the silicon is stretched out to gather solar power. Vaporware Solar Electric Panel is said to lessen power expenses. Some claimed this to be the future of solar energy (no major production yet) and it works by spraying plastic over the solar cells. Monocrystalline SE Panel is also called ‘single crystal’, as this is taken from a large brick of crystal. This is a better choice in terms of its efficiency, but is considered the most costly type. In choosing the type of solar electric panels that you need, you must consider where it will be placed, the amount of space you got and the amount of power you need. No matter what type it may be, they have the same purpose, and that is to convert solar power into electricity.

Today’s technology is more directed into optimizing the use of solar electric panel to maximize the benefits of using solar energy. Nowadays, it is used for heating and cooling water and air, and provides electricity for home and business use. Some inventions that use solar energy include calculator, cars, chargers, flashlights and many others. It is believed and expected to provide more uses and become a major breakthrough in the future. The solar electric panels, generally called solar photovoltaic panels, are made of a set of treated silicon cells arranged in a series array. They produce electricity on being exposed to the sunlight. A small solar electric panel will lessen the energy bills considerably, while a big solar panel will in fact budge the meter backwards. The contemporary solar electric panels are simple to install and are modular. Since the system is modular, it is never outdated and expanding it by adding components is easier.

The solar electric panels transform the sunlight to DC (direct current) electricity. The direct current electricity is then converted to alternate current on which majority of the house electrical appliances work. As batteries are constituted in the system, spare electricity produced via the system is stored within the batteries so that it can be used during power cuts. This alternative is ideal for the houses, which do not have the access to the utility grid. It is also useful at places experiencing regular power cuts.

The solar electric panels come in various shapes and sizes and are made up of different material. The most common and largely used module includes 36 PV cells interconnected in a series for producing enough voltage to charge a 12-volt battery. The crest of the panel is roofed with thin glass sheet. All this is escalated on a metal frame that is protected by the rubber gasket, which is projected for installation and holding the system. Buy any of these solar electric panels according to your requirements.

Solar electric panels are the perfect answer to our increasing electricity bills and ever increasing reliance on depleting conventional energy resources. Make a one time investment in solar panels and generate free electricity for years to come. You will not only save money every month on electricity bills but also do a great service to the environment by opting to generate electricity from an unending source of energy. Solar electric panels are the need of the hour. Opt for them and see your days and night become brighter.

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