What is the zip code for downtown Miami?

These codes are for Downtown include 33130, 33128 and 33132. Zip Code is the term that is used in America to refer to codes for postal addresses or address systems. The downtime in Miami is also known as the financial, dining entertainment, arts and entertainment hub. Miami is the capital city of Florida and the coastal region with stunning beaches that meet the ocean’s pacific waves is a renowned city tourism destination. More on

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What is the street that runs through Downtown Miami?

Biscayne Boulevard is one of the most important highways in Miami which runs north-to-south through Wynwood and eventually into Downtown Miami.

What are the neighborhoods located in Downtown Miami?

Downtown Miami is comprised of three neighborhoods that include The Central Business District, the Brickell Financial District, and the Arts and Entertainment District. Apart from these areas there are residential neighborhoods in Wynwood, Edgewater, Midtown as well as Overtown can be considered part of the larger Downtown Miami.

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